Novoferm – sectional doors – NovoRol – up-and-over door

The firm Novoferm exists was founded in 1955 and has it’s head office in Rees, in the region of Kleve in NRW. It has over 2000 employees. The high quality Novoferm garage doors or sectional doors are produced completely in Germany.
The patented Novoport-lateral drive or the classical Novomatic-cover drives are also made in an associated firm in Germany. The Novoferm marketing GmbH has devided up it’s trading areas, so that the doorcenters as an exclusive specialist dealership offer the customer service, as well as the marketing and the installation of all Novoferm products.

App Components/Piron metal construction is the door centre for the area Kleve, NRW. We offer you advice, with service and installation carried out by our skilled employees. Who are sent regularly on courses to ensure we are always up-to-date.

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Sectional doors

Many people have cars, and children still living at home. The properties become smaller and when another car stands infront of the garage door, space gets too tight with an old up-and-over door.

With a modern sectional door from Novoferm the door goes straight up and slides under the ceiling. All Novoferm sectional doors are fully isolated, either 20 mm (iso20) or 45 mm (iso45) size. In our download sector you can download our Flyer and further descriptions. You have the possibility to choose between different optics (motives) and surfaces (Woodgrain, Satin etc.)
You can combine colours, windows and individual designs as you desire.

In our shop we have a selection of several doors, customised sizes, colours and other variations are our speciality. Moreover we give 10 years guarantee on our lacquered sectional door, also when you buy them in our online shop.

Roll-up-door NovoRol

A garage roll-up door is built virtually like a typical roller blind on a window.
The garage roll-up doors are made of high-quality, isolated aluminium elements.
Because the whole construction is arranged directly behind an apron, the complete
ceiling is left free. By default we deliver a tubular motor as well as the drive plus 2-channel-handheld transmitter. Regarding design, you can choose between golden oak (oak optics), traffic white RAL 9016 or select from the nine advantage colours.

Up-and-over doors

Classical up-and-over doors are still manufactured, such as the up-and-over door type K Rees or Kleve. The name Rees comes from the place of business. The name Kleve refers to the district town Kleve, in the lower Rhein Valley, for which we represent the door centre. If your up-and-over door still works, we offer a cost-efficient possibility of adding a drive. You can buy the drive on-site or in our online shop. We also offer professional installation by our skilled fitters.

Up-and-over doors are slightly cheaper because of the design, but the advantages over a sectional door still prevail.

Drives for garage doors

With a garage door drive you have safety and comfort at the press of a button.

Novoferm offers the unique NovoPort-System consisting of lateral drive and hand-held transmitter. The drive is installed on the wall of one of the sides of the garage. On the drive, apart from the energy-efficient led lighting, a calliper provided. With the calliper you can open and close the door easily. The lateral drive has been on the market for decades and is already in the third generation. -Well proven technology. If you already have a power supply on the ceiling but the walls are crammed with shelves, cupboards or so, we recommend our ceiling drive Novomatic 423. For such special cases we have the ceiling drive/ceiling faciliator Novomatic 563S and 803S in our range. Furthermore we have 5 years manufacturer warranty on mechanics, motor and motor management. We will be glad to give you any advice you may need. Or simply take a look at our download catalogue.